Repeat Prescriptions

Order Online

Orders can be placed online via the link at the top of this page. Please contact the surgery to register and obtain log on details for the system.

Order in Surgery

Repeat prescriptions should not be requested during routine GP appointments. There is a drop in box placed just through the front door entrance (Do not bring them into the health centre) * We now have a post box outside the front health centre door *

Please note - A repeat prescription request will take 48 hours to process. Please do not ask for it before this as it will not be available.

All prescriptions will be sent to a nominated Pharmacy of your choice. Please add your nominated chemist to your prescription request sheet when ordering your medication. Collect within 48 hours from the chemist. 

Thankyou for your co-operation at this time. 

Acute/Emergency Prescriptions

Patients who have attended hospital outpatient departments or Accident and Emergency departments should bring any letter to the health centre as soon as possible. A prescription for new drugs or changes to existing medications should be available within 1-2 working days.

In some circumstances it may take longer than 1-2 days as doctors may need further information before issuing the script e.g. The doctor may need to speak to the patient /hospital consultant. Sometimes patients will be asked to make a GP appointment rather than doctors issuing a script.

Pharmacy Collection

Please inform reception if you would like your prescription collected and dispensed by a local Pharmacy. Reception will provide details of the local pharmacies who provide this service.

You will be able to collect your prescription from the pharmacy ONLY if you have specifically made this request and the Pharmacy has agreed to provide this service.

All other prescriptions must be collected from the surgery during surgery opening hours. (NOT DURING COVID PANDEMIC, ALL SCRIPTS WILL BE SENT TO NOMINATED CHEMIST) 

Please allow 48 hours for prescriptions to be processed. If you require any item sooner please inform reception / leave a message.

Generic Medicines

The names of medicines can often be confusing, as the same medicine can sometimes be called different things.

Many medicines have two names:

  • the brand name – this is given to a medicine by the pharmaceutical company it is developed by
  • the scientific or generic name – named for the active ingredient of the medicine, which is decided by an expert committee.

If your prescriber changes your regular prescription from a branded medicine to a generic version, they should tell you about the change before you collect your prescription.

This is to ensure you understand that although your medicine may have a different name, it will still contain the same active ingredient. Your pharmacist can also be a helpful source of information and advice when this happens.

When you pick up your prescription, the medicine may look different and there will be a different name on the label. However, it will contain the same active ingredient as the medicine you used before.